Soul Sisters doing breath work

This serotonin-boosting workout promises to make you feel happier

Exercise makes you happier.

Ok, running around in the rain or getting up at 5am to go spinning might not immediately make you feel happy – but the science is solid. Exercising releases endorphins, which are a group of hormones that can boost your mood.

Two sporty sisters have taken this concept to the next level and designed a workout that optimises the feel-good factor of fitness.

Alex and Maddy Weaver aka the Soul Sisters have curated a step-by-step guide to their serotonin-boosting workout – and it could be the perfect thing to put a smile on your face this bank holiday weekend.

‘It’s widely known that serotonin helps regulate your mood but it is also equally as important for appetite, digestion, sleep, memory and even sexual desire and function,’ explains Maddy.

‘Our goal when designing this workout was to show people how to harness the power of serotonin to offer a completely natural high caused by a surge of “happy hormones”.

‘The following moves will show you how you can do just that for yourself.’

Tree pose

Soul Sisters in the tree pose

The posture is designed to help focus the mind (Picture: Soul Sisters)

Start standing straight, with your feet together and arms down by your side, once comfortable begin to shift your weight to your left foot.

Then, bend your right knee, reaching down to clasp your inner right ankle and using your hand to draw your right foot alongside your inner left thigh.

Be sure to rest the foot above or below the knee. Once you feel stable and your hips are aligned and facing forwards, press your palms together in prayer position at your chest.

If you can, hold the pose for up to one minute and to release, step back into the standing pose. Repeat for the same amount of time on the opposite side.

‘This pose is great for stretching the thighs, torso and shoulders while building strength in the ankles, calves and toning our abdominal muscles. While the balancing posture is designed to help calm and focus the mind.’

Warrior two

Soul Sisters in Warrior 2 pose

It’s important to breathe deeply in this pose (Picture: Soul Sisters)

This standing pose enhances strength, stability and concentration.

Stand in a wide-leg stance with your front leg slightly bent and facing forwards.

With your arms out straight to the side, at shoulder height and parallel to the floor, bend your front knee as you exhale and sink your hips so your front leg is bent parallel to the floor.

Be sure to keep your back leg straight by pressing through your back foot. Turn your head to look across the tip of your middle finger in front of you, drop your shoulders and lift your chest.

Breathe deeply and calmly for up to one minute.


Soul sisters doing a burpee

Burpees are simple but effective (Picture: Soul Sisters)

The burpee is simply a four-point move.

Begin in a standing position, with your feet shoulder width apart. Drop into a squat position with your hands firmly flat on the ground, placed just in front of your feet. Once in this position, kick your feet back behind you, keeping your arms straight and back parallel to the floor so you are in a raised plank position.

From here, jump your feet towards your hands leaping into the air with your arms above your head ad be ready to do the process all over again. You’ll be sure to feel the burn from this simple but effective high-intensity move.

Crunch and punch

Soul Sisters doing the crunch and punch

This move is great for core strength (Picture: Soul Sisters)

This move is great for team work, so team up with a partner and get to work – if one you are on you own, not to worry as this can easily be done individually.

The ‘crunch and punch’ is an evolution of your ordinary crunch and is a great way to build your core strength.

As you would in a crunch, start by lying down on a mat, with your legs bent and feet flat on the floor – use your partner to keep your feet on the ground.

As you exhale, lift your head slightly off the mat while keeping your hands in a fist position on your chest. Once at the top, throw a right punch towards your partner’s right hand. Inhale and lower yourself down.

Repeat again but this time throw a left punch towards your partner’s left hand and return to the start position for on full rep of the exercise.

Breath work

Soul Sisters doing breath work

(Picture: Soul Sisters)

The final relaxation posture is a great way to end a workout as it allows a time to come back to your breath after the high-energy exercises.

For this posture it is essential your body is in a neutral position, so lie down on your back with your legs separate and your feet free to fall open either side.

Bring your arms alongside your body and turn your palms so they are facing upwards. Tuck your shoulder blades onto your back for support.

Once settled in the position, let your body become heavy and relaxed and your breathing rhythm to occur naturally.

Stay for a minimum of five minutes – make sure to give yourself enough time to let your body and breathing settle. As you come up from the floor, begin with a deep breath and wiggle your toes and fingers to slowly reawaken your body.

Stretch your arms over your head for a full body stretch and then bring your knees to your chest and roll onto your side. Slowly, using your hands for support, bring yourself back to a standing position.

‘This is the most important part of the workout as it allows cortisol levels to reduce, to come back to your intentions and leave you feeling rejuvenated, restored and happy.’

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