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Yes, stress really does turn hair grey

It turns out stress turning your hair grey isn’t just an old wives’ tale. Acute stress can indeed make your hair turn white prematurely, shows new research. So unless you’re ready to embrace silver strands, it might be worth focusing on lowering your stress levels. Experiments on mice have revealed that extreme levels of stress […]

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler Testifies To House Committee On The FCC

FCC’s net neutrality DDoS claims debunked. Here’s what you need to know

Net neutrality may be dead, but questions remain about how seriously the Federal Communications Commission considered comments from the public. The FCC’s system for submitting those comments was a hot mess. Two million of the 22 million comments submitted used stolen identities, some for people who were dead, including actress Patty Duke, who died in […]


Drew Barrymore Really Wants Pizza but Fans Encourage Her to Stick to Her Diet and Exercise Plan

  E.T., phone Domino’s.   Months of dieting and exercise helped Drew Barrymore lose 25 lbs., a milestone she proudly showed off on social media back in December. But Barrymore still has cravings — something she hilariously joked about on Instagram on Monday.   “This is exactly how I feel on my diet right now!” Barrymore wrote, […]


Airbnb for Work touts its business cred with nearly 700K companies onboard

Airbnb is serious about business travel.  To back that up, the home-rental company on Monday shared updates about how people use its professional community, which was recently rebranded as Airbnb for Work to ‘better encompass the unique benefits only Airbnb can offer today’s modern workforce.’ Airbnb for Work bookings tripled from 2015 to 2016, and […]